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My family bought our five-acre property in January 2008, and it was at that time that I started gardening. We've made many changes and additions to the property and to the garden areas since then.

This overview of the major garden additions that we've done serves as a quick reference for myself (so that I remember when these projects were done), but it could possibly be interesting for others as well.

To read in chronological order, simply read to the bottom of each page and click the next year's link at the end, or to find a particular year click on one of these links:

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This Google Earth photo from 2005 shows roughly what our property looked like when we purchased it in January 2008. There was no garage, but there were a couple of decaying sheds, one to the right (east) of the house, and one on the southeast corner of the driveway. The driveway itself was a simple circular turn-around.
In 2008, we did the following improvements:

  • we built the garage on the west side of the driveway, and enlarged the driveway turnaround area
  • we had the two decaying sheds torn down
  • we hired a man with a bulldozer to spend three days grading our yard: to provide a base for the garage, to remove and bury the concrete foundations from the two sheds, to make a somewhat level area for the the Herb Garden east of the house, and to smooth out the grass in the big yard south of the house and driveway
  • I laid out and planted the boxwoods outlining the formal Herb Garden to the east of the house
  • we planted the apple and other fruit trees for our orchard, on the far eastern edge of the property, where it curves out to the right in the photo

This was just the beginning of the mess: The whole yard was eventually scraped and graded, and it took a couple years for the grass to be reseeded and grow in properly. One the concrete foundations that we had removed was still visible at the center of the photo, taken in 2008.

The Herb Garden in infancy. This was the first garden I planted here, and I had been planning to make a formal boxwood garden for several years. It took five years for the boxwoods to grow to mature size.

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