Garden Showcase

This is a collection of some of the photos that show my gardens at their best. I will periodically add additional photos that I think show the loveliest seasonal moments in my gardens.

Thanks for looking! -Beth

Gigantic Castor Oil Bean (Ricinus) plants in the Tropical Garden, 2020

The shady part of the Tropical Garden, 2020.

Orderliness in the Pond Garden, 2020.

The sweetest smelling Mock Orange hedge, in 2020.

Wisteria and Dame's Rocket, the Herb Garden, and fields beyond, 2020.

Delphiniums in the Front Border, 2020

Irises in the Paradise Garden, May 2020

A lovely Japanese tree peony in May 2020

An early snow at the end of October 2019.

Daylily 'Red Volunteer' in my Paradise Garden in 2019

Japanese tree peonies in 2019

Lily-flowering tulips viewed from above in 2019 -- like stars.

Fig tree and other exotic fruit trees in the Paradise Garden, inspired by Islamic gardens, in 2018.

Sweet Autumn Clematis on the pergola in the Paradise Garden, 2018 

Spring flowers in the Front Border, 2018.

Tobacco & tall corn in 2017

A patriotic display in July 2017

The White Garden in July 2017.

Hollyhocks in 2017

Irises in front of a beautiful east view from our farm in 2017

My new sunroom in December 2016. Cats always know the best places for naps...

The Yellow Garden in August 2016.

The East Patio in June 2016.

The Yellow Garden in June 2016.

A view of Sweet Williams and Painted Daisies, and across the fields to a neighboring farm, in May 2016.

Purple beard irises, Verbena 'Shauna Ann' and Alliums, in May 2016.

Lupines and Weigela 'Pink Poppet' in front of the Tractor Shed, in May 2016.

A vine-covered Celtic cross statue in our north windbreak, in April 2016.

Tulips and grape hyacinths in the East Patio beds in April 2016.

A spring bulb display in a foundation bed.

Indoor pursuits: a Smurf terrarium that I made in January 2016, while waiting for spring to arrive.

A frosty morning in December 2015.

Zinnias in the Mint Circle in August 2015.

The formal Herb Garden in July 2015.

The Yellow Garden in July 2015.

Lilies and cornfields at the end of June 2015.

The Rainbow Border in June 2015.

Delphiniums in the Front Border in June 2015

A waterlily flower in our small formal pond.

A section of the North Border in May 2015.

Tulips in the Mint Circle in April 2015.

The West Terrace after a snowstorm in February 2015.

The Herb Garden in January 2015.

A autumn tree on the south end of my property, October 2014.

The Rainbow Border in September 2014.

The Herb Garden, as seen in an eerie fog in August 2014.

The White Garden.

The North Border.

My Front Border.

Roses around my East Patio.

Lilies in the Rainbow Border, July 2014.

The Pond and Pond Gardens, looking out to the Gazebo.

The Pond Gardens, after a huge rain storm, the sun emerging right at sunset.

My delphiniums, in June 2014.

William Baffin climbing rose on the windmill, with the Herb Garden in the background.

A view across the Pond Gardens to the Rainbow Border.

The Pond Gardens, with 'Sweetness' dianthus and 'Prairie Breeze' Buck roses.

The Front Border.

The first time these bleeding hearts have bloomed so well for me, in May 2014.

Tulips and alliums in the North Border.

Tulips in the Mint Circle.

Tulips and grape hyacinths in the Front Border.

The Herb Garden in 2013.

The Front Border, 2013.

The Pond Gardens, seen through crabapple flowers.

The Rainbow Border in 2013.

The Wildflower Strip, Summer 2013.


  1. It's all so beautiful. I am so pleased to have found your wonderful weblog.

    1. I'm so glad you have visited, Sarah -- I appreciate your kind words. Thanks! -Beth