Garden Timeline 2013


In 2013, we did a couple of new garden projects, and watched the growth of others:
  • I finally got the gazebo that I had long wished for
  • I re-did the North Border

My new gazebo arrives!

My long-suffering husband and I painted the gazebo white, to match our other outbuildings, with a light blue ceiling (and grey floor, not yet done in this photo).

We had the gazebo placed in just the right spot, at the far south end of our property.

Tired of looking all year at roses that only bloomed sporadically, I moved the roses to another bed and re-designed the North Border into a more traditional mixed border, nice to look at from my kitchen window.

We continued our improvement of the large vegetable garden, seen at right. The new fox-proof chicken pen is at the far end of the garden.

The pond and surrounding garden beds now look finished. A Tulip display is followed by Dianthus and roses.

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