Garden Timeline 2014


In 2014, we made three more garden areas:
  • The Yellow Garden
  • The West Island
  • The North Island
Plus, we made a couple of other improvements:
  • I cleaned out, painted and organized an ancient shed to make a nicer garden shed
  • We got a new shed for our chickens, so they would be warm in winter

After having a tree removed, I made the Yellow Garden, filled with yellow and gold plants to brighten up the north side of our house.

The large West Island was planted with trees, shrubs and small groups of flowering bulbs. These will take some time to grow to mature size.

The shadier North Island was planted with shrubs and trees. Azaleas, a flowering dogwood and several small magnolias were added.

I won't even show the "Before" (dark, bird poop-filled). This is the "After" photo of my much nicer garden shed.

The new "Grand Chicken Hotel" that we had delivered sits next to the chicken pen and Vegetable Garden.

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