Garden Timeline 2016


In 2016, I only made two new garden areas:

  • I slightly enlarged the Peony Border to add an area for irises
  • I also re-designed the North Border to make two areas, for Winter interest and Summer interest

The newly planted Iris Border, with poppies, alliums and lilies for later interest.

The new curvy front section of the North Border is now for flowering plants during Spring, summer and autumn. I call it the Summer Border.

The back section of the North Border now consists of only evergreen trees and shrubs, with a few pockets of early bulbs, in a heavily mulched bed. I call that part the Winter Border.

Also, I realized in late 2015 that I had a problem with some invasive Obedient Plant Physotegia (or Disobedient Plant, as I like to call it now). I had to dig out my entire Front Border and two sections of the Rainbow Border, and spray any O.P that came up for more than a year.

Before: Invaders!

Work In Progress....

Not very interesting now, but this "Nuclear Option" had to be resorted to. I'm hoping in 2017 to be able to plant again in a new design focusing on bulbs, annuals and only a few perennials.
The biggest project we did in 2016 was an indoor gardening project: I had my front porch enclosed into a sunroom! Now I don't have to pine for springtime all winter; I can surround myself with green plant all year 'round.

House plant acquisition as just as addictive as outdoor plant buying.....


  1. Beth, another fascinating look at the process you went through to create your stunning garden. All the work! but completely worth every ounce of sweat. I'm stunned. :-)

    1. Thanks, Karen -- I'm sure your timeline would be at least as labor-filled as mine. I bet if you looked back, you'd be stunned at all your own work. :-) Thanks for reading, -Beth