Garden Timeline 2010


By 2010, we were starting to make some progress in turning our country property into a place of gardens.

By 2010, the gardens we had added and other changes we had done were visible from satellite: the Herb Garden can be seen to the east of the house and to the northeast were the two vegetable and flower gardens. The large vegetable garden is visible to the southwest of the large shed. The new garage, retaining wall and expanded driveway turnaround area are prominent features of the property now. The reseeded grass has finally grown in on the southern part of the land. The row of crabapple trees south of the driveway, and and a row of lilac shrubs at the south end of the photo can be seen. Also, the orchard on the east hill is visible. The circle at left is a moveable electric fence encircling the portable chicken shelter inside it.

After the 2009 fiasco of the north garden bed being taken over by weeds, we redesigned it, planting it with roses for cutting and mulching it with wood chips to suppress the grass and weeds. This worked much better.

In 2010 we planted a row of six crabapple trees to divide the driveway area from the big yard south of it.

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