Garden Timeline 2011


In 2011, we had a library addition built on to the west side of our house. This required removing two large silver maple trees from the yard west of the house, and some grading work on the levels of the yard on that side of the house. After the construction was finished at the end of the summer, we laid edging bricks around the addition to make borders on all three sides of it, and also had the ground to the west of the addition terraced up with a retaining wall.

We also had to rebuild our front porch (every part but the roof). When we removed the screens that had enclosed it we discovered that the whole thing was rotting away and sagging. Another discovery was that the white picket fence around our house had been constructed of some kind of inappropriate wood, and was also rotting away, necessitating total replacement too. The porch was nearly 90 years old, so the rotting was understandable, but that fence wasn't even fifteen years old. Grrr. ($$)

The new library addition is at left, on the west side of our house. The white picket fence has been removed but has not yet been replaced. 

The new border around the side and front of the addition. The new fence around the front yard can be seen at the top of the photo.

The back, north side of the addition, with the edging pavers laid out but not yet installed. Hostas have been planted in the border, and the new retaining wall and west terrace are beyond.

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