Sunday, July 24, 2022

Summertime Flowers


Greetings! It's been a floriferous time here in my gardens. My Paradise Garden (pictured above) has been particularly flower-filled this last month. 

The Paradise Garden has been one of the most successful garden areas I've made since I started gardening more than a dozen years ago. I think that's because it's located so close to my house, which makes it easy to take care of. (I can pad out in my bare feet while I'm on the phone and pull a few weeds.) Also, it has two seating areas, and my husband and I enjoy sitting in it nearly every evening on warm nights.

The Paradise Garden was bursting with color a few evenings ago.

Here's a closer picture.

And from the back corner. Lots of daylilies and self-seeded flowering tobacco.

Another area that has turned out well is the east patio area, which I planted in a tropical garden theme a few years ago. I continue to do this each May and also bring out my houseplants to enjoy the dappled shade under the pergola, where they really seem happy. Along with our cats:

Those petunias, snapdragons and flowering tobacco at forefront re-seed themselves every year -- free flowers! And the view from the patio is lovely across the fields. (Both our cats like to snooze under the table.)

Here's what the border behind the patio table looks like, with houseplants, a coleus, more self-seeded snapdragons and a couple of hydrangea shrubs that over-winter.

The secret of these successful areas is their proximity to my house, so that it's easy for me to take care of them (and enjoy them). 

So I'm planning some changes to my garden areas to eliminate larger borders that are farther away from my house, and move the plants to closer areas. I'll post more about the changes in a future post, but I'm excited to be making these plans.

I hope you're enjoying warm -- but not too hot -- days in your own gardens, and find them easy and enjoyable to maintain. Thanks for reading! -Beth


  1. Your garden looks so beautiful, Beth! I especially love the Paradise Garden. I'll bet it's fragrant there and so delightful to sit there in the evenings. I have about 100 daylilies and deadheading them can take an hour or made me think about downsizing. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing your garden! Beth J. from DM

  2. Which hedges or trees are the white flowers from? They look really adorable, and the capture just makes it much better.

    1. Hi Tyler, thanks! I'm glad you enjoy that photo. The shrubs are mock orange, and the flowers smell wonderfully sweet. Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

  3. You work so hard to maintain your garden areas. It's a joy to see all the changes you've made since I last took a look at your blog. I'm sorry to hear that you had health problems and trust that you are now able to enjoy getting out to garden once more. You have some unusual plants which I've noted although different countries and climates are not always suitable for every plant. Our lilies are coming into bud. I grow a lot of my plants in pots as they are easier to move around and create pretty displays. I look forward to seeing more of your plantings as you progress through the year 2023. All the best, Linda.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog from overseas, Linda, and for your nice words. I hope you are enjoying some warm days in your own beautiful gardens! Best, -Beth