Saturday, November 10, 2018

The White Stuff Has Arrived!

The grayscale view across the Pond Gardens this morning.

The First Snow fell last night and we woke this morning to a light layer of white covering everything. This is the snow that most people, even including myself, can be enthusiastic about: a novelty that changes the entire look of the landscape overnight, and which will likely be gone in a couple of days.

Snow at this time of year is fun. Hardly any shoveling needed, and it goes away quickly on its own. (Not the snow of February, which keeps piling on the snows of January, forming sharp ice layers between batches, becoming a gray, dirty mess that's so hard to shovel that people die of heart attacks trying to clear their front walks.) This is the fun sort of snow, just enough of it to look picturesque.

A view to the gazebo on the south end of our property.

White on white on white....

I've just about finished the last garden tasks that need to be done this year -- with the exception of planting a few last bulbs in my Front Border. The ground isn't frozen yet, so I hope to be able to do that in the next week or so.

Yesterday I finally drained, disassembled and stored away the fountain in my Paradise Garden -- I was waiting until the last decent moment to do it, because doing it symbolically meant the end of the gardening season. I know that it's actually it's been ending in stages, like bringing in the potted tropical plants, pulling out the annuals cut down by the first frost and planting bulbs for spring.

But the heart of any Paradise Garden is the water, and now the center of my favorite garden is gone. My husband suggested putting a Christmas tree in a pot there, and I wondered about a fire ring instead of a fountain -- but none of our ideas seemed right for such a garden. Better to wait for spring when it can be reborn to what it's meant to be.

The Fountain, the heart of the Paradise Garden, has gone to its winter storage.

Winter is definitely here.

It's probably time to pull out the mounds of petunias that improbably have stayed green all the way up to this point, far after our hard frosts. Oh, and to make my kids put away the patio furniture and grill.

Soon I'll put up the icicle lights across my front sunroom windows, which always looks cozy. My teenage daughter pointedly informed me this week that there are only six weeks until Christmas. It's fun to get ready for Christmas and stay warm and hygge inside with wood-burning fires, fuzzy blankets and purring cats.

Winter can be nice for a while -- I really don't mind it in December and January. I just wish it wouldn't go on for so long -- it would seem more special if it finished up in February, instead of March (or even April, like last winter). But I'll try to make the most of the enjoyable part of winter, and not think about the rest of it. Here's to an early spring!

I hope you are enjoying a cozy transition from autumn to winter in your own gardens and home this season, and that spring will come early for you too. Thanks for reading! -Beth


  1. We also got about an inch and a half here, but with none of it sticking to the warmer roads or sidewalks. One of the Benedictine sisters in town called it a "Hallmark Channel" snow, since it was unrealistically off the roads!

    I have taken most of the plants out of the ground by now, though I was desperately hoping "Fall" would last a little while longer. The tobacco "Jasmine" was still going in the end as well as my ageratum "Tall Blue Planet," but they have been frozen in the 15 degree low we had last night. I have yet to check to see if my chrysanthemums survived in their niche, but I did go and harvest what flowers I could get earlier this week knowing what was coming!

    Everything does look so pretty with a covering of snow, though!

    1. Hello Br. Placidus, The sister is right: this sort of snow really is "Hallmark Channel" snow -- that's a great name for it! We got down into the teens too the other night and now it really does feel like winter is here. Hope the winter is a short one for you and that spring comes early. Thanks for stopping by! Best -Beth

  2. Oh no, I'm not ready for snow. But you have good structure to your garden and the clean lines are emphasised by the monochrome pictures. Here we still have plenty of blooms but I don't suppose it will be for long.

    1. Hi Chloris, I'm always so impressed by how many flowers are left in British gardens even after Christmas -- I'm so glad there are garden blogs like yours that I can read to hold me over until spring comes! Thanks for your kind comments, -Beth

  3. Snow is transforming and your garden looks lovely - but COLD! It is too early! I keep busy up until Christmas and don't bother about the weather too much. But by February I've had enough of winter, It's my gloomiest month.
    (Thank you for your suggestion, I'm going to net some of my berries.)

    1. I agree: too early for snow! I also think February is a pretty dreary month, and hope that when I retire I will be able to spend it and January in some southern, warm climate. I hope you are able to keep a few of those pretty berries for yourself. Thanks for reading! -Beth

  4. Thankfully our transition from Italy back to the UK with regard to the weather and gardening has been easy due to the fact that the UK garden is small and manageable and the majority of days have been dry. Autumn is still beautiful when the sun shines on the last of the leaves clinging on to deciduous trees. Likewise the house has c/h at the flick of a switch and is cozy. Of course, there have been leaves to sweep up, produce to gather and cook and non hardy plants to bring into the warm covered yard. I planted bulbs before our time away. The odd rose is still blooming in the garden otherwise it doesn't look that interesting. I hope that we don't have a hard Winter. Snow and ice can be a difficulty in our hilly city and countryside. Your garden areas looks lovely and different under a thin blanket of snow. Pretty for a while, but nice when it melts.

  5. waw....look beautiful, but I can't stand low temperature.
    greeting- evi erlinda

  6. Your garden is so beautiful with a blanket of snow. I am already yearning for Spring! Merry Christmas!