Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

My patriotically-colored flower pot display in front of our porch. This is the first year these Agapanthus, which I have been overwintering for two years, have bloomed! I thought that they and the Cyperus papyrus looked like fireworks, and the red-white-and-blue pinwheels were fun to add to their pots. They compliment the white Petunias, red Alstroemeria and blue Plumbago. Festive fun!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you are enjoying high summer in your gardens. There are many things blooming here, and the extreme heat of a few weeks ago has moderated a bit, so it's been nice to spend some time outside again enjoying summertime.

In my last post, I showed some Before and After photos that showed some pretty weedy, unkempt garden areas, before I eliminated them. I promised I'd only show nice, flower-filled areas in this next post, so here are a few flowery scenes:

Volunteer hollyhocks in the Front Border, with farm fields in the distance.

Bachelor buttons in our front yard.

The North Border at sunset.

Asiatic lilies in the North Border a couple weeks ago.

Orienpet lilies the other day, with Achillea and self-seeded cosmos.

Phlox, yarrow and lilies.

The Yellow Garden, newly downsized and improved.

The Yellow Garden bathed in golden sunlight.

Lilies and coneflowers in the Rainbow Border.

Little Kitty in the new Scented Garden around the East Patio. It's lovely to sit outside with a cup of tea and enjoy the fragrant flowers. I'll post more about this new area soon. 

A beautiful evening looking across the Herb Garden to the view that sold us this house. 

Hope you are enjoying flower-filled summer days in your own gardens, and that you enjoy the holiday (for those living in the U.S.).

Tomorrow we will attend the local parade and potluck picnic in the tiny unincorporated town a mile from us. It's not even actually a town, just a four-way stop with a dozen houses, and the event is organized each year by the residents themselves and funded by donations in a can. It's become well-attended over the years, by hundreds of people, a retired-folks brass band, and dozens of parade entries, mostly spiffed-up classic tractors, nearby farm businesses and, of course, led off by area fire trucks and an anthem. It's truly America at its best and most independent, and I love to go every year. Now what potluck dish to bring....?

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Happy Fourth of July! I love your patriotic display with those Cyperus papyrus. Very nice! I love your new scented garden area, too. It looks like a charming place to have a breakfast or coffee.

    1. Hi Indie, Thanks for your kind words -- I'm glad you stopped by! Best Regards, -Beth

  2. Soooo beautiful ! I like the scented garden very much, must be relaxing to sit there, smell the flowers and look at the great landscape. Lilies and coneflowers are a very inspiring combination. I like them both so much, but together they are fascinating. It is always like a holiday for me to read your blog and look at the beautiful pictures.

    Greetings from Birgit

    1. Hi Birgit -- I'm so glad you like the Lily-Coneflower combo; I love purple and orange together. :-) And I know what you mean about reading garden blogs from other countries like being on vacation -- I feel just like that when I read yours too! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, -Best Regards, -Beth

  3. Lovely blooms Beth. You have a wonderful selection of lilies.