Thursday, March 13, 2014


What a lovely few days we've had here in southeast Iowa! Monday was the best: sunny, NOT windy and 60 degrees. It's been pretty windy since then, although the temps most days this week have been above average (the above-freezing winds have helped melt off the deep snow cover we had, so it could be worse). Our snow is finally almost gone, which means the ground can start warming up. And there's no forecast snow for the next 10 days, mostly with at least average temps for this time year. I feel that winter is about over, even if spring has not yet quite begun. Yay!

Snow melting in the herb garden (time lapse photography -- sort of):

The herb garden (to the right of the fence) on February 8,
after our last big snowfall. You can hardly see it's there under the snow.

On March 10 (this past Monday). Good progress, but still a ways to go.

March 13. This is one of the last areas here to have snow in it. I think
the boxwood bushes encourage the collection of snow and insulate it
from melting as fast as it does in more open areas. We're almost there....

The first sign of spring: daffodils poking up next to the house.
This sheltered spot on the east side of the house foundation is always
the first to have blooming daffs in the spring.

Happily, the sun is getting stronger, the Daylight Savings Time switch means sunsets are after 7 pm now, and it won't be long until the grass and other things green up. Spring is starting!


  1. Hurray for the little signs of spring, Beth! It just is so encouraging to see the daffodils poking through the soil. So far I have a little green grass but don't see any crocus, squill, daffs, or snowdrops yet...I keep looking! Have a lovely week.

  2. Our crocus are finally poking up a bit, but still a ways from blooming. I suppose we just need to be patient -- we know spring WILL come! :-) Thanks for reading. -Beth