Friday, February 14, 2014

Fertilizer Friday: February 14

So, I'm joining the "Fertilizer Friday" group at for their weekly sharing of flower photos (which has nothing directly to do with fertilizer, apparently, only flowers). But it looks like fun, so I'll give it a go.

Since it's February, I don't have anything flowering in my gardens, but I took look around my house and found some (almost) blooms:

My dill plant is just about blooming. Not very showy
flowers, to be sure, but they did smell pretty good!

I'm not even sure whether these are blooms or some other
part of the cactus (or whatever cactus-like plants these
were that Wal-Mart sold me for $1 each several years ago).
But they are colorful things on top of a green, stem-like part
of a plant, so perhaps they could count as "flowers"?

OK, so I'm getting a bit desperate here.
My 10-year-old daughter made this from
an origami kit she received for Christmas,
 and I thought it was quite pretty.
So I'll resort to last year's flower photos. I bought all
these snapdragons (4 flats) at an Amish flower auction
last spring. They were so beautiful and bloomed all over
my yard until several frosts shut them down in November.
They may reseed this spring, however. I'll keep my eyes out....
And one more: blue hyacinths from last April.
I can't wait for spring again!
Happy Fertilizer Friday!


  1. Hi Beth… thanks for visiting my site… it gets difficult to know what to post this late in the season so I'm just throwing photos from past years out there. Where in Iowa do you garden? We are very familiar with many Iowa gardens and gardeners as our children and grandchildren are in Pella and we have friends and relatives in the Iowa City and DesMoines area as well… we are located between Oshkosh and FDL, Wisconsin and travel through Cedar Rapids area frequently. Looking forward to warmer temps this week but there is talk of the dreaded "freezing rain"…. hope you visit again, Larry

  2. Hi Beth, I did enjoy seeing your houseplants. I am pretty limited in what houseplants I can have, or even bouquets of fresh flowers, as my curious Gracie (cat) always goes after them. I do have a potted primula (blue) in an area where she cannot reach it and I hope to plant it in the ground this spring. It's nice you keep your herbs over. Dill is one plant that the black swallowtails lay their eggs on as their caterpillars eat it. I always make sure to plant dill, parsley, and sometimes fennel for them. I have several herbs, some perennial, some annual, but mostly I just enjoy their fragrance. I never learned to cook with herbs, other than those that come from Tone's spices and are "called for" in a recipe. I am following your blog now. Glad the GFC gadget worked for me today. :)

  3. Hi Beth, Thanks again for your comment and I'm glad the gadget is finally working. I sympathize with the cat/flower munching issue -- I have two cats and one of them does like to nip off leaves from time to time. I'm not much of a houseplant grower, except a hibiscus and a few herbs in the kitchen (which I only occasionally use, turning to my large collection of Tone's spices myself more often -- a very Iowan brand to have in your spice drawer!). I mostly just like to smell the fresh herb plants (does that sound strange?). I'd love to have a potted primrose inside. I have a few outside, but they never bloom as beautifully as the ones in British photos. The blue ones are especially pretty. I can't wait for spring!

  4. oh my loved reading your post so brought back memories of my mom and all her beautiful flowers
    come see us at

    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Angie. Your recipes look so delicious on your site! And your post about the geraniums made me long for summer... :-)

  5. Your daughter's origami flower is delightful. We have to take our flowers wherever we can find them. Spring will come.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site, Jean! I'm glad you liked my daughter's paper flower too. Soon, we'll have the real thing, but I'll still treasure this winter flower even in summer. :-)

  6. Hi Beth, I love all the flowers, especially the origami one. I still have some plastic milk jug hyacinth blooms my sons made for me in art class when they were in grade school and a crepe paper flower, too. They're both grown and gone, but I have their flowers and cherish the memories.

    Those snap dragons are lovely; I haven't grown them in years, but I'm thinking it's time to plant some again.

    1. Hi Karen, thanks again for visiting my blog! I agree, sometimes the nicest flowers aren't sophisticated perennials. The ones made by our kids are far more precious. And simple annuals like snaps and petunias grow so well and look so cheerful.