Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn Colors

The Yellow Garden, with a glowing yellow-foliaged silver maple as a yellow backdrop.

 Things really look like autumn around here: leaves turning colors (and some trees completely having lost their leaves already) and mums in bloom. We haven't gotten frost yet so the annual flowers are still going, but they don't look as vigorous as they did six weeks ago. Here are a few scenes from my gardens:

The tiny trees in the West Island, which I planted this year, are dwarfed by the same maple as in the previous photo. I can't wait to see which of the new flowering and evergreen trees and shrubs will make it through the winter, and what they will look like in 5-10 years when they have reached a good size.

Orange mums and marigolds blaze in the corner by our front porch.

The North Border still have lots of zinnias, cosmos and petunias blooming, but they're starting to look a bit more scraggly than they did back in August. It's nice to still have some flowers to see from my kitchen windows though.

Pumpkins harvested from our own gardens, with a few last roses of the season and some dark pink mums.

A closer look behind those mums: look who's found a hidey-spot: It's Little Kitty!

The view of the same silver maple, from inside our house. Autumn leaves are scattered around the pergola, and most of the surrounding White Garden flowers are finished blooming. This room in our house is the one where our wood burning stove is located, and I'm looking forward to spending some cozy days in front of the fire here.

Hope your own autumn scenes are easing the transition to the non-flowering months for you too. It looks like we might have frost this weekend, but I hope nevertheless that we all have a few more warm days to enjoy. Thanks for reading! -Beth


  1. What beautiful gardens you have, Beth! I am amazed that you are able to maintain so much garden "real estate!" (Perhaps you have two little helpers...) The silver maple foliage is lovely and looks like it's exactly where it's supposed to be, near your yellow garden. I like your stepping stone path through that bed. The west bed will be a real show-stopper when things mature a bit. If I'm correct. I believe that's the bed Larry (garden designer extraordinaire!) assisted you with. The zinnias still look great; mine are definitely slowing down. The dark mums and pink roses are so very pretty - and I adore Little Kitty! Your pergola is pretty -- is that a trumpet vine, or perhaps a wisteria, growing up it? I lost my white garden to our construction project. I ended up moving almost every plant from 4 areas - most I moved to "temporary" spots and will have fun rethinking my plants and where I want them to go in the spring. I think we may have frost this wknd too. If that happens, my one regret is that my daylily 'Purple Crowned Fairy,' which I planted new this year and that has two scapes and 6 buds - probably will not bloom - I was hopeful. It was confused after moving to IA from CA and I was delighted that it's trying to bloom. I think I'll cover it Friday night and see if I can possibly nurse it along. It has been an unusual growing season, to say the least...late spring - warm temps continuing so long into fall - lots of moisture. I really look forward to next gardening season, and plan/hope to have my prettiest garden ever. Have a great week and weekend. Hugs, Beth

    1. Thanks o much, Beth! I hope your purple daylily has time to bloom before the cold stops it -- but if not, I'm sure it will make a beautiful show next year. I love your gardener's optimism, and I'm sure you're right: next year all your big changes and hard work will pay off -- I'm excited to see your changes too! Thanks for the nice comments about my gardens -- that is indeed the area Larry advised me about, that's a white wisteria on the pergola, and I'm afraid Brian is my only helper -- the two little "helpers" would rather stay inside and play computer and tablet games.... :-| Thanks for reading! -Beth

  2. Beth, you still have so much colour in your gardens, the autumn colours look much more vivid than in our country. Your garden is so beautiful, but the one behind the mums steals the show!

    1. Hi Janneke, Thanks! Our fall colors don't always look this nice -- everything must be just right: sunny, no rain, not too windy and at just the right time for each particular tree before the leaves have completely gone. But occasionally there is the right moment and it's glorious. And you're absolutely right, our fuzzy friends do make the best garden ornaments. Thanks for reading, -Beth