Friday, February 21, 2014

Fertilizer Friday: February 21

It's again Fertilizer Friday at, and although I've again been hard-pressed to find any flowers around my house this week, I'll do my best:

A strange hibiscus that I've had for some years now:
The flowers were all red at first, but then these yellow
and red ones started blooming after a few years.
They must be from the root stock, but I think
it makes the plant so much more interesting that I
haven't tried to remove the root growth.

Here's one of the red flowers, a couple days after the yellow one bloomed.
You can see the faded yellow one at top right still on the plant.

My husband's mother gave all the women in her
family paperwhite bulbs for Christmas. I'd read
that the smell was off-putting, but these actually
don't smell too strongly and I kind of like them.
This ends the real flowers section of this post.

Desperate for other flowers to include, I remembered the
pipe cleaner flowers that my daughter made last year.
Here's one bouquet...

...and here's another. They may not be real, but I've found that
they're actually a good enough substitute to get me through
the winter without buying cut flowers.

One more of real flowers, outside, so we'll remember how lovely
spring will be when it arrives. 

We'll be in Florida all next week, so I may not post again for a bit, but I'll try to have some good photos of Disneyworld flowers when I return. Happy Fertilizer Friday!

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  1. I am so envious of your indoor blooms, I don't have much luck with house plants of any kind, sad to say. The pipe cleaner bouquets are absolutely adorable.

    Have fun in Florida!